Lip-syncing automatically with SmartMouth in Flash Professional

This article explains how to make lip-syncing in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 as painless as possible by utilizing the SmartMouth extension to automatically analyze audio content and assign corresponding mouth shapes. That’s right: you can sit back and relax your hands, back, neck, and eyes while SmartMouth processes the audio in the time that it takes the audio to play back, and then matches each frame using a speech algorithm. You’ll also learn how use the free FrameSync extension to quickly make manual adjustments and tweaks to your character animation.

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HTML 5 is not a Flash Replacement

There seems to be a huge misconception going around the Web and Media lately that the new fandangled HTML5 is going to be be the final technology that essentially kills and replaces the use of Flash on the web. The way I see it is that Flash or any other multimedia plugin is not going to be threatened by HTML5. The new Video, Audio and Canvas APIs will really only steal the more boring work that Flash has had to adopt over the last several years to fill a gap that HTML, up until now, was not capable of doing.

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Apple Eases App Development Rules, Adobe Surges

Apple has opened up the App Store review process, dropping its harsh restrictions on the tools developers are allowed to use and at the same time actually publishing the App Store Review Guidelines — a previously secret set of rules that governed whether or not your app would be approved.

Apple did not specifically mention Adobe — though investors drove up shares of the company up 12 percent on the news — but the changes seem to mean that you can use Flash to develop your apps, and then compile them to work on the iPhone and iPad with a tool called Adobe Packager.

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